Feedback on Foundations of Freedom

Posted on February 23, 2010

Tonight I ran into one of the guys I quoted on the “Foundations of Freedom” page of this site. It is nice that these things are making an impact.

If the “Foundations of Freedom” Video’s or Classes have made an impact on you, make a comment here and let people know….

  • I’ve been in ministry for over 25 years and as I watch the Foundations of Freedom videos the one thought that runs through my mind is, “Why didn’t I know this?” The videos have been life-changing for me. They have helped me understand myself better and to grasp more fully God’s ultimate plan for my life…freedom and dominion..and to walk this out by staying connected to the Tree of Life…not by trying harder.

  • It’s the gift that keeps on giving No matter how many times I listen to it or teach it to others there always seems to be new levels of depth and revelation Watch them over and over until ” thinking differently” becomes natural

  • Well… It helps me see and respond to God differently… and, as a result I I see myself differently and respond to others differently that I ever have before. Most of all— it can be about me and not so much about me at the same time.

  • The first freedom ministry class I took was Levels of Change. As a seminary-trained counselor God helped me realize why secular counseling techniques don’t usually produce long-term change and that I too had been trying hard to do good behavior. I thought I was saved but truly wasn’t loving God with my heart. I was saved at that class by God’s grace, and now teach others about how they too can truly become saved, healed, and set free for doing what God has created them and uniquely gifted them to do.

  • The foundations of freedom videos have made an impact on me! It was like tumblers in a lock clicking into place, one after another, in my mind. Then the key fit and just like that, I was free. I literally would pause the video periodically just so I could praise God.