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Posted on August 28, 2014

Available October 15th

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For too long we have looked for leadership lessons from experts who only believe in fifty percent of reality. As Christ followers we believe in both a visible material realm, and an invisible spiritual realm. We must stake our claim as those who live and walk in both the visible and invisible worlds simultaneously. To lead the unique organism that is the body of Christ, whether in a church, a business or our families, true spiritual leadership must know how to navigate both of these realms, and in particular, understand the intersection between these two worlds. Knowing only how to impact the world we see may actually impair our ability to impact the world we do not see. If all of our knowledge and experience is from and about the visible world, we are operating half-blind as kingdom citizens. My New book Think Differently, Lead Differently is that guidebook that points us toward the intersection of the material and spiritual realms, and teaches the important ideas and skills to lead in both.

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Think Differently Lead Differently, Hardback book. This beautiful hard-bound book is a reminder to those of us who consider ourselves Christ Followers of our role to transform our world, and the crucial viewpoint that allows us to do so. With a strong emphasis on re-capturing a Biblical worldview, this book reminds us that we live and operate in a world that is both visible and invisible. Changing the world we see I accomplished by tapping into the world we don’t see.

 Think Differently Lead Differently, the Audiobook This unabridged audiobook is read by the author, Bob Hamp. For those who prefer to listen in their mobile world, this lively reading gives you access to this life-changing book in your car, on your computer, or in your headphones.

Think Differently Lead Differently, eBooks In today’s world of portability, more and more people want to bring their favorite reading on their phone, iPad, or other mobile device. Think Differently Lead Differently is available on both Kindle and iBooks.

Think Differently Lead Differently, The Video Series  In preparing the initial manuscript for Think Differently Lead Differently Bob Hamp taught through the material for two straight days. The video of this teaching is a perfect adjunct to the book itself. The ideas from the book are covered in this video series, but they also contain information, illustrations and applications that are not in the book, but strengthen the impact of the final written version. This video series will help you go further and deeper as you bring reformation to your heart, your home and your organization.



 What people are saying about Think Differently, Lead Differently


“Bob Hamp’s new book, Think Differently, Lead Differently, will wake you into new dimensions of spiritual leadership. It will shift the very foundation of what it means to come into agreement with the Kingdom of Heaven. Bob’s book is full of insight and Godly wisdom, and it will challenge, inspire and equip you to change the way you lead. If you are a spiritual leader looking for tools to empower your followers, this book is for you! I highly recommend it.”


Kris Vallotton
Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA



“Long before I began reading Bob Hamp’s books I listened to him teach. From the first time I heard him I was fascinated at the fresh revelation he had and the unique way he has of presenting truth. That is what I found in this book. It is fresh revelation presented in a clear and compelling manner. As a pastor and church leader for over thirty years I was engaged, encouraged and challenged beginning with the first page. This book is a must read for leaders in all positions and on all levels.”


Jimmy Evans
President of MarriageToday



“Over the years I’ve come to treasure Bob Hamp’s remarkable ability to help us all look at familiar things in new, transforming ways. His latest book is no exception. I wholeheartedly recommend Think Differently, Lead Differently to any person with a heart for having a positive, eternal impact on the people around them.”


Kari Jobe
Dove Award Winner