Can we really be Free? (Pt 4)

Posted on May 7, 2009

Steering our soul through life is difficult without a map to guide us.  Regret, frustration, tedious attempts at transformation, all these obstacles can seem to be the rule and not the exception.  Though I usually resist formulas, I want to describe here how our will functions, so we can most effectively begin to alter our experience.

Here is the path:


Don’t read over this too fast.  Look at it again.  The advertising companies understand this as a science.  We act and experience based on our desires but our desires come from our perceptions.  If we want to change a person’s action, we begin by discovering their desires.  But hidden below their desires is perception: the thing that drives us all.  (see @walansmith).

For real and lasting life change, we must begin to examine our perceptions. (also see earlier post; Ways of Seeing: Contact lenses and Sausage machines).  If I want to affect your behavior I must get you to see in a new way.  The Bible calls this “repentance”.  This does not mean feeling bad enough to change, it means seeing in a new way.

Something appears desirable, my desire engages, I decide and then act.  Once I have acted, this begins to shape my experience, and then it shapes how others experience me.  It can also affect how others experience themselves around me.

If I see everything through the eyes that my life experiences have given me, it is possible, even likely that I will reproduce my life experiences.  Is it possible to have new eyes?

Every day, I pray this:  “God open up the eyes in my heart and give me Your Spirit which allows me to see differently, if you do, then I can see and know (experience) the amazing things you have done, are doing, and continue to do in and around me. If that sounds like a clever prayer, I cannot take credit for it.  Paul prayed this very thing for the young church at Ephesus.  Try it on today, it looks good on you.

You can know the Truth…and guess what it will do for you.