Six Keys

Posted on July 1, 2009

Well, has been up and running for about 4 months now.  Thanks for reading.  I love that, in the privacy of my living room, I can begin a conversation that continues in other venues and other countries.  I looked the other day and saw that I have written a lot of entries.  Ironically, I tell people I only have one thing to say; apparently I just have several ways say it.  My message is simple; you CAN BE  FREE.  

Read enough on this site and you will see some redundancy.  Why?  Because the message itself is really simple, I just look for several ways to say the same things, or several angles from which to view these few simple keys.  For today, I would like to narrow down much of the content of my musings to six simple keys.  In fact many of these keys were elaborated on in my writings in May…check them out.

1.   The Invisible World:  A truly Biblical worldview must include the recognition that what we see with our eyes is not all that is.  We cannot ignore a significant portion of reality and negotiate life successfully.

2.  Have a Spiritual Warfare Paradigm:  Such a paradigm is not intended to provoke fear, but preparedness. We must remain alert to the fact that we have a real enemy.  He should not be our focus, but we should live aware that the battle is ongoing.  Be prepared.

3. God Speaks to Us:  God makes it clear we should be a people who live by every word that proceeds out of His mouth.  His Word brought all things into existence, and holds all things together.  Whether we acknowledge it or not we are dependent on His voice.

4. Discern Spirit and Flesh:  The thing that keeps us stuck is not bad behavior, it is a bad source.  We must learn to recognize, first in ourselves and then in life, what is from God, and what issues forth from incomplete humanity.

5. Prayer Matters: Our prayer life will show how much we truly realize that a significant portion of our life begins and ends with a Person we cannot see, and in a realm invisible to our senses. Prayer is our interaction with that Person and that realm.

6. Plans versus Wineskins: If we see that all the above are true, our calendar will be in pencil, not ink. A plan works with or without God. A wineskin is designed to contain something and is fairly useless without the wine.  Our lives were designed to contain God, not to serve Him. If at any moment we realize He is not where we are, a change of course is in order.

Read these six keys, and then peruse the entries of the last four months.  See if these are not the themes of almost everything I have written, and probably everything I will write.  Could be boring if the Source were not Infinite! I hope you are thinking differently.

  • robin speakman

    Great explanation.

    What spills out of us, is a good indicator of that which fills us!
    All the more reason to get free and really become who God created us to be. The reward is certainly greater than the effort.
    I love the pencil analogy. Never understood the pencil preference, but a couple years ago I invested in a sharpener.
    Wish I could keep up with what you write, though enjoy what I can!
    Freedom is so vital to our walk, the teaching could never get boring.
    Thank God for His infinite supply.

  • It’s hard to explain why, but I felt refreshed and encouraged simply reading over this post. 🙂
    My absolutely favorite line: “Our lives were designed to contain God, not to serve Him.” Wow. Great to be reminded of!
    Blessings on you.

  • I’m thinking differently. Thanks for gently shoving me in the right direction time after time! 🙂