Starting the Journey

Posted on June 22, 2012

Every journey, no matter how far, it is said, begins with a single step.  The journey to freedom begins with a step that for some may be the most difficult; acknowledging their need.  This is not necessarily the same as the old stigma that people are faced with when considering professional counseling.  This is more the universally shared perception that we are okay, and everybody else is messed up.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil (the thing we are all needing to get free from, by the way…) has a peculiar effect on us.  Two sides of the same coin, this result of the fall stops many people from ever thinking about the Journey to Freedom, much less embarking.

Side One: My knowledge of Good makes me think I’ve got it all covered. I am doing great, and all my problems would go away if all those people around me would get with it.

Side Two: My Knowledge of Evil (Something is wrong with me) makes me feel ashamed, and as a result I hide behind something or everything to convince you, (and in many cases myself as well) that nothing is wrong.      As I have said in earlier posts, the human being is the only creature that can lie to himself and actually believe his own lies.

In order to enter the journey, we must first recognize in our own soul, that we need something.  We need something to change.

Wanna come along?

  • thats remind of roman 12-2

  • I wanna come along. I have found much freedom through Kingdom focused living, but I am still a mess. I look forward to 2011 and what our Father has planned for the church as a while.

  • ;~)

    Real good, but especially a WoW to that part where you said: “the human being is the only creature that can lie to himself and actually believe his own lies.” I recently found a lot about myself & realized that I had been living my life lying to myself. I found that ironic ’cause I’m not a big fan of lies. I really like being honest w/ everyone even if it means that it might hurt the other person or myself. Honestly, why it’s really ironic it’s ’cause I even hate it more when others lie to me, yet I just found out I had been growing up LYING TO MYSELF about almost everything just thinking those lies where the best things for me.

    I’m not sure if it was from one of your classes when I first heard that same comment (or someone else class), but that popped in my head when God revealed a lot of the lies to me. I  just never thought how much truth there was to that comment.

    Well I pray that in this series God may reveal more truth to my life.

    Thanks & God bless,
    Bob Hamp

  • MichelleBentham

    I’ve been on the Freedom trail a while now… I’m at the crossroads and well, the beautiful part is that it is still all about freedom. 🙂 How’s the rest? 

  • Ah yes… the knowledge of good that we hide behind… Great post! We all need freedom!