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Have you ever felt that you were not living the life that God designed you to live?

The Foundations of Freedom video series exists because of the assumption that if we do not first change the way we think even new thoughts will follow old pathways. More than providing new thoughts, this series is designed to shift thought processes, allowing old ideas to take on new meaning.


01  Prisoner Thinking / 100mins

Much of what holds us captive is our way of thinking and as a result, the way we define our problems. This session gives a big picture redefinition of our thought processes and the problem Jesus came to solve.

02  The Parable of The Acrobat / 68mins

The Acrobat is an extended parable designed to help us see in a new way the journey from the life we live now to a life of freedom.

03  Levels of Change / 93mins

A model of transformation is presented that helps us see the most common reasons we remain stuck. More importantly, it shows us how to cooperate best with “inside-out” change.

04  The Kingdom of God / 93mins

Consider the possibility that thinking from earth upward may cause us to misinterpret spiritual truth. This session allows us to look through new lenses at the gospel Jesus shared.

05  Hearing God / 100mins

The restoration of our created design begins with some practical steps. Learning to recognize and respond to God’s living and active voice is the central act of our freedom journey.

06  Life in The Kingdom / 86mins

Do you feel stuck? Sometimes we are trying to do God’s part while asking Him to do our part. This class examines several key areas to sort out what our part is in the pathway to a life of freedom.