• From There to Here

    2 minute read

    The longest non-distance in the world is from there to here. We live here. Our lives and daily experiences take place…here. Houses and cars, offices and yeah, even malls. Here. This limited, sometimes suffocating place called here. Earth. Time. The material realm. Here. Continue Reading

  • Christ-ian-ish-ly-ness

    4 minute read

    In the last post I discussed the shelf life of words, and specifically examined the word “Christian” as an example of how the reality expressed by a word, and the word itself can drift away from one another over time. Continue Reading

  • Shelf Life

    6 minute read

    Oreos in hand, I pulled the milk from the refrigerator. As I began to pour, ribbons and chunks edged their way over the mouth of the gallon. Something was not right here. I looked down and sure enough the date clearly printed on the jug had already passed. The shelf life had expired and this milk was no longer good for anything that milk was normally good for.  Continue Reading

  • Do this!

    1 minute read

    “I don’t care what you talk about, but you have to do this, “ he said, as he bent down and placed his hands under his feet. “When you did that last year, suddenly everything made sense.” Continue Reading

  • How Do You Know That?

    4 minute read

    How you know something matters more than what you know. This simple set of words contains perhaps the most significant shift of all. As we talk about leading the church, the world, into the next age, I believe no one thought matters more than this one. Continue Reading

  • Revolutionary

    3 minute read

    In the cradle of our nation, our forefathers considered the problems at hand, and tried to bring about change. After trying to bring fairness and representation to the fledgling colonies of the New World, they finally came to a conclusion. Continue Reading

  • Rescue

    2 minute read

    “And the One who sat on the throne said, “Behold I make all things compliant…” Continue Reading

  • Change? Change What?

    3 minute read

    Change! The Posters told our nation. Change! the culture seems to scream out. Change! The frustrated truck driver, lonely single mother, or the singularly focused community service agency cries. Change! Continue Reading

  • Seeing Differently

    4 minute read

    He watched with amusement as the older gentleman made his way into the icy waters. It was difficult to avoid noticing that the man’s gear, not to mention the man, seemed a bit outdated. Continue Reading

  • There’s a Storm Coming

    3 minute read

    A moment arrives where you no longer need maps and instruments to know. The storm is on the horizon. You feel it in the air. You can see the dividing line on the horizon. Continue Reading