• Seeing Old Things in New Ways

    2 minute read

    Repent, Jesus said, and the objective was that His followers would see and experience the Kingdom that was in their midst. The problem, or at least the problem that kept them from seeing the problem, was, that they looked with old eyes at a new thing. Continue Reading

  • Mixed Up Messages

    3 minute read

    I think a lot these days about how things get messed up. You know, messed up. Things that seem to start out so clear and wonderful, and for some reason or reasons can end up so distorted and confused. Continue Reading

  • What Kind of Leader?

    3 minute read

    Once upon a time a certain king set out to conquer new land. He sent his two most trusted generals in to spy out the land, and come back with a plan of attack. Upon their return, he held audience to hear the report of these military leaders. Continue Reading

  • Change this Not That

    3 minute read

    When we look at our attempts to “do church” throughout the generations we have seen that we make adjustments. Continue Reading

  • Meta-Know-You: Who’s in Charge Here?

    3 minute read

    Time to continue our series on meta-cognition, otherwise known as “ways of thinking.” The last post introduced us to the idea of internal versus external locus of control. This in many ways is a second order thought process, or meta-meta-cognition. This one mindset shapes many mindsets. Continue Reading

  • Five Gifts I wish I could Give

    13 minute read

    This year for Christmas, if it were somehow possible, I would like to give some gifts to our culture. I would like to give some things back to our culture that it seems to me we once had. Some things that seem to be slipping from our midst, almost entirely unnoticed. Continue Reading

  • Holiday Give-Away 2012

    1 minute read

    Hey readers, I wanted to take an opportunity to give out some gifts this Christmas, so here is how I would like to do this.  Continue Reading

  • Meta-Know-You: Feeling out of Control?

    4 minute read

    “One day when I win the lottery, all of my dreams will finally come true.” “If only those other people would see me for who I really am, I could finally get the kind of job I really deserve.” “It seems to me that everyone is always trying to hold me back, nothing works out the way I think it should.”  Continue Reading

  • Meta-Know-You: Prisoner Thinking Defined

    2 minute read

    Prisoner thinking, as I have mentioned is the way of thinking, the paradigm, or mindset, of all post Genesis 3 citizens. Prisoner thinking is not just bad information, it is bad process. I thought perhaps it would be helpful to break this down into it’s most basic building blocks. Continue Reading

  • Meta-Know-You: Prisoner Thinking

    5 minute read

    “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts”. -Isaiah 55:8-9 Continue Reading