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    Connecting to God

  • God Save Us From Wrong Conversations | Part 2

    5 minute read

    We must convince the world!! Oh wait we already have. We believers, we followers of that man, Jesus, we have convinced the world. I would simply submit that we have convinced them of the wrong thing. Continue Reading

  • Life Support

    5 minute read

    Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying:

    “Behold, a sower went out to sow.  And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; Continue Reading

  • Disconnected

    3 minute read

    Native Americans tell the story of a gold prospector who hired several warriors as guides to take him across the frontier to reach the west coast to take advantage of the gold boom. Continue Reading

  • Humanize

    4 minute read

    I keep having the urge to write but I don’t have a topic. I just have a lump. Somewhere between my chest and my throat, I feel something a bit swollen and heavy. Something like a repressed cry, but not quite. It feels more like a repressed blog. Continue Reading

  • The Condition of Unconditional Love

    2 minute read

    The opposite of Grace isn’t law. The opposite of Grace is self-sufficiency. Continue Reading

  • God’s Book is Not His Person

    3 minute read

    This post is based on Chapter 8 of Think Differently Live Differently. (Click to Buy TDLD)

    God is with us. God is among His people. He wants to have a cup of coffee with you, He wants to drive to work with you even when you don’t want to drive to work. Continue Reading

  • A Plan or a Way

    2 minute read

    “What is your favorite Bible reading plan?”, He asked me as I walked quickly towards my destination. Why did this question feel like a test? I thought for a moment.

    “My favorite plan is to read the Bible in order to hear God speak, “ I responded. Continue Reading

  • Father

    4 minute read

    This is an old post that I read at the YWAM DTS where I was teaching this past week.

    The word “father”, for some stirs warm feelings of fondness, and comforting strength, while for others it stirs loathing, or fear.  Continue Reading

  • A Saturday kind of Season

    2 minute read

    Yesterday we celebrated something which, at the time of the actual event, was not celebrated but mourned.  The death of Jesus was, to most, a shocking and devastating end to a soaring hope.   Continue Reading

  • The Problem Jesus Came to Solve (Part 4)

    3 minute read

    Because we see everything that we see, we assume that everything we see is all that there is to see. Jesus did not minister to only a few blind people. Continue Reading