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  • Pathways to Sanity

    5 minute read

    We think it is anger. But I believe it is more. I believe our anger is just an outward symptom of other ills that are best understood by thinking differently.

    We watch from our varied positions with anxious expectations as we move through one of the strangest and most polarizing election cycles in our history. It seems we watch with fear or frustration, all of us wanting something and all of us afraid that someone will take away the America that we want to see arise from the ashes. Continue Reading

  • Needs

    5 minute read

    (Note: This is by far the most personal blog I have ever written. While it is still about thinking differently, it has been one of the most profound experiences of my recent history.)

    It rose up inside me like some sort of occasionally hidden roadblock to the needful things inside my soul. I couldn’t explain it, but I certainly couldn’t deny it. And most significant, I couldn’t seem to overcome it. It should have been simple. All I had to do was buy myself something I have wanted for a long time. All I had to do was buy one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever played. But I felt frozen.

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  • Holiday Give-Away 2012

    1 minute read

    Hey readers, I wanted to take an opportunity to give out some gifts this Christmas, so here is how I would like to do this.  Continue Reading

  • The Code

    7 minute read

    This post is a peek into the study guide for “Think Differently Live Differently; Keys to a Life of Freedom” The following parable introduces the Study Guide as well as the concept of Thinking Differently. I hope you enjoy it!  Continue Reading

  • Leading to Be

    3 minute read

    Note: Today’s post is an excerpt from Think Differently Lead Differently, my current project.

    I couldn’t keep it in much longer. 

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  • What Kind of God Makes All Things New by Dying?

    1 minute read
    Right outside the Old City of Jerusalem, about two blocks away from a bustling marketplace is a tomb.  No one is in it.
  • Did God Really Say…?

    3 minute read

    How did we get in this mess? If you have read through any of my past posts you have heard my thoughts on the fall of man, and living from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. (Don’t Have The Sense I was Born With, That Tree Will Kill You) Continue Reading

  • He Looked up and Saw Humans

    2 minute read

    He looked up and saw humans.  They were familiar and unfamiliar all at once.  They were bigger than Him.  This He was not used to.  He had seen everything that can be seen, but this perspective was new to Him.Everything in His view, Continue Reading

  • What’s your story?

    3 minute read

    A year ago I fulfilled a life-long dream.

    My life so far has two halves when I think about it.  The first half, short though it was, was about me waking up.  The second half, well, that has been about waking up the world! Continue Reading

  • Today’s Post: The Breath of Life

    1 minute read

    We interrupt our current Series to direct your attention to another site!! Today I am the guest writer for the Life Outreach International blog/devotional.  Go there instead of here.  Life Outreach International

    More coming from our series soon!