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    First Person

  • “God Got on His Knees”

    1 minute read

    Today’s Post, God got on His Knees” can be found over on Destiny in Bloom. Come play with us over there!!!

  • I Forgive You

    10 minute read

    She hung her head a little bit lower as she walked by the pastor’s house. It didn’t happen often, but she hated when they were both out at the same time. He looked at her with such contempt. Continue Reading

  • Never the Same

    11 minute read

    He felt shame wash over him, like the cold air that hits as a storm arrives.  The feeling was so familiar, he had begun to accept it as his birthright.  Why should he expect otherwise?  Continue Reading

  • It is GOOD!

    2 minute read

    What was In-Him was swirling and becoming Around-Him. Light, planets, firmaments. And then He would stop…step back…look, and say “This is Good”. I can’t imagine this as your typical male acknowledgement. Continue Reading

  • A King Throwing a Wedding Feast for His Son

    2 minute read

    So He began to speak into existence massive amounts of matter. Star-birthing nebulae, vast galaxies of heat, gas, and cooling solids, and solar systems filled with an endless variety of planet types. Continue Reading

  • Like a Wedding Feast

    3 minute read

    He couldn’t wait to see her.  He loved her so, and had given His life for her, just so that this moment could happen.  He knew her inside and out, and was deeply familiar with her great strengths (she didn’t think she had any) and her weaknesses Continue Reading

  • He looked up and saw Humans

    2 minute read

    He looked up and saw humans.  They were familiar and unfamiliar all at once.  They were bigger than Him.  This He was not used to.  He had seen everything that can be seen, but this perspective was new to Him. Continue Reading

  • …Image-a-Nation

    3 minute read

    “Let us make man…” the statement began, as curiosity stirred in the gathering angelic crowd.  What is a “man”?; began the prevailing buzz, but the next part of the statement took the attention off curiosity and put it on amazement. Continue Reading

  • Right Before He Spoke

    3 minute read

    He hadn’t said, “Let there be…” yet, but He was about to.  In the same way you hear someone draw a quick breath before they speak, all of reality paused. Continue Reading

  • Where Am I?

    1 minute read

    The question rings through the air, like an echo in my heart, that is simultaneously in the wind.  I feel like a child caught and I’m not even sure the answer to the question.  Where am I? Continue Reading