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  • The Other Day I thought about Surfing

    2 minute read

    So the other day I thought about surfing.  I am not good at it, and I have only done it a few times. So here is what I know about surfing.

    1. The Power behind surfing is the ocean not the surfboard, or the surfer. Continue Reading

  • What if its not what you think?

    5 minute read

    So this turn on a dime, moments-ago-atheist had messed up communion, and then messed up the sacred “no drinking, no bars” commandment.  I forgot to mention I was baptized twice in one day, Continue Reading

  • Revelation: The Inception of an idea

    6 minute read

    WARNING: Spoiler Alert.  Do not read yet if you are going to see the movie “Inception” and do not want to know the story. Continue Reading

  • Encouraged

    5 minute read

    The beauty of growing up is that our world gets bigger.  We see things we couldn’t see before, and we see old things in new ways.  I am interrupting the series on thinking like a child, because today….this is how I am thinking. Continue Reading

  • “Don’t forget the second service…”

    4 minute read

    I was ambushed one evening while teaching a worship team about the value and the power of hearing the Living Voice of the Living God.  We had finished the teaching portion of the evening and had moved into a time of practice.  Continue Reading

  • It’s Happened Twice Now

    5 minute read

    It’s happened to me twice now.  The first time was a disaster, the second was a celebration.  Both times, God showed me something amazing. Continue Reading

  • I want it Now!

    4 minute read

    I spend a lot of time with dissatisfied people.  It seems an odd way to spend my time, but if I didn’t do this I might be alone a lot.  Professionally, the dissatisfied seek me out. Continue Reading

  • Today the Ocean Spoke to me About God

    1 minute read

    Today the Ocean Spoke to me about God.


    There was a fragrance in the air, I knew it was near. Continue Reading

  • Pre-Geographic

    2 minute read

    Where was the meeting between God the Father, The Son and His Holy Spirit held? You know the one where they decided “Let Us create…”  The likelihood that we could really comprehend such a “place” is slim.  Continue Reading

  • Worship

    5 minute read

    My friend had asked me to lead worship at a new mid-week service he had started.  I had never done this before in a public setting.  Anytime I had led worship, it was privately, among a small group of friends. Continue Reading