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  • What do You Want to talk About?

    3 minute read

    The Journey Continues….

    We could easily spend several months writing on the “how does God talk to us, and why am I having a hard time hearing Him…” conversation.  Continue Reading

  • The Way Out….

    2 minute read

    Keep in mind, the obvious things are usually not the way out. Lust is often not about sex. Anger is usually not about the person toward whom you feel angry. Fear is often a smokescreen.

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  • The Way in is The Way Out!!

    3 minute read

    The way in is the way out!!  I have spent so much time developing the nature of the trap because the trap is based on our natural propensities, and therefore directly connected to how we need to get out of the trap.

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  • It’s always been this way, and it will never change…

    2 minute read

    Now we have described all the moving parts…let’s look one more time at the set up and then finally, on to the Way Out!

    Being in bondage (and therefore, getting free) is an interplay between your circumstances, your soul Continue Reading

  • Freedom: Choosing between kingdoms.

    7 minute read

    Everybody’s got their demons to deal with.  This common saying is fairly easily absorbed when it is intended, or taken, as a metaphor.  It is the actual discussion of demons that gets people all stirred up.  Let’s do it anyway. Continue Reading

  • Journey to Freedom

    2 minute read

    The process or journey to freedom…..

    So far I have described the journey as a process of learning about the interplay between our Circumstances, our Soul and the Spiritual realm. I have described how strongholds arise when our circumstances cause us to believe a lie and respond with our will. Up until this point I have focused on the interaction between circumstances and our soul. Continue Reading

  • The Power of Our Will

    2 minute read

    The beauty of Judo is that it turns the strength of the opponent against himself.  This means that the stronger the opponent, the more effective your weapons become.  This is how spiritual warfare works as well. Continue Reading

  • What is my part in a life of Freedom?

    3 minute read

    “I am going to pray and fast for three days…if God does not set me free, I quit”.  This is what he told his wife, and she relayed his ultimatum to me with tears in her eyes.  Continue Reading

  • Running with your shoes tied together.

    2 minute read

    The highly trained athlete burst from the blocks in an explosion of speed and strength.  He had not gone a second step before his body slammed into the ground. He got up again, and began to run.  Continue Reading

  • But what must I DO to be free?!

    3 minute read

    A few weeks ago, it struck me I wanted to do this ongoing series on what it would be like to embark on, and walk all the way through this journey to Freedom that has become my life message and quest. Continue Reading