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  • From There to Here

    2 minute read

    The longest non-distance in the world is from there to here. We live here. Our lives and daily experiences take place…here. Houses and cars, offices and yeah, even malls. Here. This limited, sometimes suffocating place called here. Earth. Time. The material realm. Here. Continue Reading

  • Five Gifts I wish I could Give

    13 minute read

    This year for Christmas, if it were somehow possible, I would like to give some gifts to our culture. I would like to give some things back to our culture that it seems to me we once had. Some things that seem to be slipping from our midst, almost entirely unnoticed. Continue Reading

  • Holiday Give-Away 2012

    1 minute read

    Hey readers, I wanted to take an opportunity to give out some gifts this Christmas, so here is how I would like to do this.  Continue Reading

  • Fear and Lust

    7 minute read

    The Journey resumes, and perhaps the best way to get us back to the trail is to give a few examples.

    For those joining us, I began a series on the process, or the journey from bondage to freedom.  Continue Reading

  • Father

    4 minute read

    This is an old post that I read at the YWAM DTS where I was teaching this past week.

    The word “father”, for some stirs warm feelings of fondness, and comforting strength, while for others it stirs loathing, or fear.  Continue Reading

  • Father

    4 minute read

    Fathers’s Day.  We celebrate, or at least turn our attention to the role of fathers.  From the beginning of time, the role, “Father” has been central to the existence and procreation of humans. Perhaps no role, or word has been more under attack than this one.  Continue Reading

  • Before there were Places and Planets

    3 minute read

    Before there were place and planets, while geography had yet to be invented, there was the Ongoing Expression of the Eternally Creating One. This Expression was always with the One-Who-Was-Speaking and It  was itself, the One-Who-Was-Speaking. Continue Reading

  • A Saturday Kind of Season

    2 minute read

    Yesterday we celebrated something which, at the time of the actual event, was not celebrated but mourned.  The death of Jesus was, to most, a shocking and devastating end to a soaring hope.   All the faith that His followers put in Him collapsed to the sound of a clanging hammer.

    Continue Reading

  • Today’s Post: The Breath of Life

    1 minute read

    We interrupt our current Series to direct your attention to another site!! Today I am the guest writer for the Life Outreach International blog/devotional.  Go there instead of here.  Life Outreach International

    More coming from our series soon!

  • Freedom-There’s and App for that…

    1 minute read

    Okay, I am shamelessly pretty excited about this.  Yesterday we went live with an App (for the iPhone) which makes available several of the different venues where the Think Differently Live Differently ideas are circulating.  Continue Reading