“I’m just not sure I have the faith it takes to get through this”.

” I just know I don’t have as much faith as I should”.

These thoughts, and many like them, course through our minds as we wrestle with our sense of inadequacy as children of God.  I am convinced that we wrestle with this sense of inadequacy because way too often, we try to generate from our soul, what can only come from God Himself.

Faith is not the mental agreement with a religious system or doctrine.  Nor is it our resolve to carry out a mindset or a mission.  It is a way of seeing that comes from listening instead of thinking.

I also see, far too often, that people think that the fact that they experience fear means that they do not “have enough faith”.  What if that is not true?

I know the Bible tells us that faith without works is dead.  I also think that faith without fear may be dead.  If not dead, at least it is not really faith.  Often the lack of fear is because we can see or reason the solution to, or we can rescue ourselves from our circumstances.  What happens when we can’t see, but believe anyway?

Let me put it this way.  Which demonstrates more faith; jumping off a curb, or jumping off a cliff.  The first requires no faith at all because the risk (or fear factor) is minimal.  Jumping off a curb allows you to still catch yourself, to rely on your own capabilities.  Where is the fear (or faith) in that.

Jump off a cliff. (Don’t really go do this OK?, it’s an illustration…) You are now without the ability to catch yourself.  Your resources are of no help.  Only God can help you now.  The fear factor increases the faith required to act.

Sometimes real faith means feeling the reality of the fear, but trusting and acting anyway.  Trusting because you have a way of seeing that came from hearing and not from thinking.

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  • robin speakman

    junping off the cliff at salvation we do whole heartedly, and it’s awesome. What we committed to Him, He is faithful to see through…thankfully, He gives us small curbs to practice on and draws us along in height and growth to trust Him more and more.

    You’re right, our natural eyes throw us off, we need to learn to see with the eyes of our heart, as He originlly intended. Believing His words, not the lies we hear (in our own head).


  • Michelle Taylor

    Considering I am standing on the edge of a cliff…those words hit a home run with me. Thank you God, for speaking through Bob with Your words!

  • Jeff Jenkins

    Reading Psalm 77 this morning and got a picture of mustard seed…

    David’s soul refused what his spirit KNEW…comfort.

    Aligning these two is such a messy multifaceted process.

    By faith he raised his hands even when his entire soul refused what he was seeking.

    Perhaps a mustard seed is what it takes to get your hands in the air/alligned with your spirit when nothing in your soul agrees.

  • Mirian Aracely Del Carpio (Peru :) )

    Ok, I just awoke thinking: Did you mean we are able to listen in the midst of fear, right? That make so much sense since He is more present in the difficult moments. So, instead of hidding I shoud be more open to listen about what He has to said about.
    I’m getting closer, I think. Thanks Bob.

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