Today the Ocean Spoke to me About God

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Today the Ocean Spoke to me about God.


There was a fragrance in the air, I knew it was near.

I heard it before I could see it.

When I followed what I heard, then I saw.

It was HUGE:  I could see all that I could see, and there was still much more that I could not see.

The sound was continuous, and continual.

It was constantly moving towards me, yet it waited for me to enter in.

It is miles deep, but I could wade in at my pace.  However, sometimes the surging waves got me more wet than I intended.

The waves were beautiful, and far more powerful than their beauty would indicate.

The deeper in I went, the less control I had.

It was exhilirating and a bit scary.

It was filled and surrounded with life.  Lots of life.

It was constantly the same, while never changing.

Romans 1:20

The invisible attributes and nature of God is made known in the creation…today, the ocean spoke to me about God.

It was really fun!!

10 replies on “Today the Ocean Spoke to me About God

  • Michelle Taylor

    Absolutely incredible….the beauty of creation and how it speaks to us about the nature of our God. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lara

    Ah, the ocean! I totally know what you mean about really “getting” the glory of God while at the ocean.
    And may I suggest something really fun to do at the beach? Make your own version of the “Footprints” story on the beach. 🙂

  • Babs

    The constant invitation to the ocean is the BIGGEST thing I miss since relocating from Huntington Beach, California. I was drawn there rain or shine, warm or cold. The beach is majestic, awesome, powerful, peaceful, glorious…I could go on. There is nothing like it. I can completely relate to you finding God there. I think ALL states should have an ocean. I know that’s geographically impossible, but that’s how much I love it and miss it! Enjoy the time you have left with your bride.

  • Babs

    “The deeper in I went, the less control I had.”

    I always have a favorite line from the blogs I read. This was mine from this blog.

  • Colleen Foshee

    Beautiful… and yes – this is the way it is with Him. Confound me again God. And let me walk away with the taste of salt on my skin. Reminding me of who I am. Happy for you B & J.

  • Josiah

    “It was constantly moving towards me, yet it waited for me to enter in.” It’s sad to think how often I haven’t entered the water moving towards me. Good stuff.

  • Becky S

    I absolutely love the ocean, and am always drawn to connecting with God while at the shore. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It took me to the shore and enabled me to delight in His nature that I find there.

  • Gelson

    I love how He speaks …. Usually, by mid-day or sometimes during the end of my afternoons, I developed a habit of going for a walk on the track surrounding a lake close to my place. I always stop by the lake, seat down on the grass and stand still for a while. As I gaze at the waters, the grass, and the trees, Stillness takes over my conscious mind, stopping all the chatter that usually goes on. I feel as if I am absorbed by everything around me, and a Presence flows in and outside of my being. Today, a beautiful and warm sunny spring day here in Texas, trees are beautifully turning greener, as I had one of this moments of meditation, I spoke “But, God, I got hurt so so bad because I really loved … .” Immediately, before I finished my thought, He impressed on me, “Son, I got hurt so so bad because I love you.” Instantly, a warm felling penetrated my entire being. I could feel active waves of energy moving through me. It was present in any part of my body where I directed my conscious attention. Warm tears were flowing from my eyes … I was speechless …

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