A King Throwing a Wedding Feast for His Son

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So He began to speak into existence massive amounts of matter. Star-birthing nebulae, vast galaxies of heat, gas, and cooling solids, and solar systems filled with an endless variety of planet types. All of these in some way an expression of what is In-Him, and ultimately, the whole thing was a stage, on which The Story would unfold. The plot? A King throwing a wedding feast for His Son.

Nucleus of Galaxy Centaurus A
Source: Hubblesite.org

All of this creation-stage would one day change again, but for now He needed a massive set, bigger than U2’s concert stage. A stage on which He could live out The Story; The Pursuit of His Beloved Bride.

When the whole thing would shift again one day, and creation as men knew it shifted forever, His Love, His Bride would be with Him. Now, no longer alone in His Kingdom, He would have a family.

Talk about wedding arrangements! He had to set many things in place and arrange billions of details. And the guest list…it was huge! He had already picked out the invitations, but the guests hadn’t even been created yet!

To be loved for all of eternity! He liked the sound of it. He was not insecure without it, but loving and being loved was so consistent with His Nature. But love is a tricky thing, it must have no self-seeking whatsoever, or it would cease to be love. Much as He could make this Bride immediately depend on His every word and movement, it was love and freedom He was after, not slavery. He would pursue her. He would woo her. He would fight the bad guy and rescue her from evil. He would give without condition and love in the face of her rejection.

He would do everything necessary so that she might search, and grope, and find Him and love Him. He would do everything necessary for her to discover the Story He had been writing about her long before she was created. He could see every detail of this ahead of time, and He set it in motion anyway. He could see that the unfolding of this story would bring moments of great celebration, and moments of wrenching grief, and He set it in motion anyway.

This King, with everything in Him, wanted to give a wedding feast for His Son, but there was much to be done. First He had to create the Bride.

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  • Jean Littlefield

    Love the line that “He is doing everything necessary for me to believe the story He has been writing before I was created. I must be His favorite!!!!

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