He looked up and saw Humans

2 minute read
2 minute read

He looked up and saw humans.  They were familiar and unfamiliar all at once.  They were bigger than Him.  This He was not used to.  He had seen everything that can be seen, but this perspective was new to Him.Everything in His view, He had made it, but never seen it, at least not like this.  Everything seemed so small, even though almost everything in His perception was bigger than Him.

Even more strange, He felt things.  He had felt things forever, but not like this.  Something rough and scratchy was all around Him. He could move but He could not get away from these uncomfortable sensations.   He could smell (and it wasn’t pleasant) new things.  A thick, pungent odor.  Sounds, lights, sensations, they all seemed bigger than Him.  This He definitely was not accustomed to.


It did not seem long ago, that He looked over all these things.  Not just these things, but all things.  He could look into and around anything He turned His eyes to.  Now turning His eyes was difficult, and He could only see what was in front of Him.

The strangest thing was how out He felt.  Out of His element? Out of control?  Out of…what?  He just felt…out.  Like He was not where He belonged. And He was sure He could not get…in.  At least not now.

One of the faces was smiling and so beautiful.  He felt He had spoken to her before.  Odd, considering He couldn’t speak.  The look on her face was beautiful, and filled with awe and affection.  The feeling evident in her eyes was deeply familiar to Him.  He had felt the same thing…He was sure of it.  He felt it now.

He closed His eyes.  He remebered, not so much with his mind, but in the heart of his little infant body, a place much bigger than this…or was it Him who was bigger in this memory.  He closed His eyes and slept.

The sounds came in again.  And the smell.  He opened His eyes and saw men.  Not the same ones who were here before.  They were close to Him.  Their eyes…they had a similar look to that of the beautiful woman.  Gentle, kind…like the way He felt on the inside.  They were bigger than Him.  Much bigger, but it seemed they were looking up to HIm in their downward gaze.

He closed His eyes again.  It felt weird to be in this manger.

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