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“Let us make man…” the statement began, as curiosity stirred in the gathering angelic crowd.  What is a “man”?; began the prevailing buzz, but the next part of the statement took the attention off curiosity and put it on amazement.  “…in Our own image.” He finished, excitedly.


This step was the most important in the Do it Yourself project The Eternal One had been working on for a few days.   This step stirred in Him the same anticipatory excitement that is aroused when one meets their future spouse for the first time.  Embedded in a ball of emotions stirred all the potential and passion of an unfolding romance.

The confusion among the angels was understandable.  They saw God daily, and He could not be reduced to an Image.  He was above all, and present everywhere.  Even where His presence was most visible, imagery was difficult because He seemed to be pure energy.  In all these living creatures that He had been making, how could His Image, His Majesty and Beauty be reduced to time and geography, much less to a finite living body.

This made it all the more confusing when His first step was to reach into the dirt, and make a mudball.  Nothing in the mud was like God!

Angels crowded around to peer at the sculpture in the hands of their Lord. “Fascinating”, they mused, as He put physical shape to aspects of His Nature.  They could see appendages and contours but could not really see The One they served daily in this work of art.

Then He blew them all away with His next step.


He drew a deep breath, just as He had each day of this project.  He held it in for a moment, almost as if He was conversing with it.  He pulsated with the “I love you” force they saw in Him everyday, but this time it seemed to grow and point from HIs drawn breath towards His mud sculpture.  He drew near to His sculpture and seemed to kiss it, but as He did He let His breath out.  It was almost as if in mid phrase He had switched from “I Love…” to “I love You“.

Their eyes moved from His Breath to the artwork in His hands,  It took a Breath!! Everything changed.  Where they had, moments earlier, wondered what about this dirtball was like God, they now marveled at the Godlikeness of this New Creation.  It was unlike any other.


The pure energy they had lived amidst daily, now seemed to have a location, and as it traveled the physical lines of this form, a face, a countenance emerged.  It…it looked like…wait…yes…it looked like God!  They looked at Him.  They looked back at the Creation.  They looked back at Him. He was happy.  He seemed excited!  Wait…He seemed in love!

He…no wait…he…the little one stood up and spoke.  The angels looked.  At Him and then at him.  How could two beings who do not look alike look so much alike?

What on Earth was He up to?  He seemed excited!

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  • Mirian DC

    Is beyond the physical. I see it. Thanks for the reminder; is great to look at the pictures at my mind rigth now. Adam did really look handsome. Oh My!!!!

  • Laura O

    First time to your blog site. Very cool, you have your own url! Great stuff on here! On a side note just to be cool I think you should change the “about Bob” section to “What about Bob?” it’s very apropo ya know. 🙂

  • carolyn

    I was thinking about the concept of God breathing life into stuff the other day, and was struck by the fact that every living thing is carbon-based. And CO2 is obviously carbon-based. So I guess that would make it a scientifically proven “fact” that God breathed everything into life when He spoke, and that we really ARE sustained by the word of His power, and in Him all things REALLY are held together, otherwise…no atmosphere. And we DO have dominion over the earth, because the same thing that proceeded from God’s mouth to create is what we exhale that keeps the plants alive. Probably not TRULY scientific stuff, but maybe a good analogy, anyway.

  • Ted Crawford

    You’re like a 3-year-old who got a chance to spy on Mommy & Daddy having sex, then with innocent audacity attempts to describe it to the whole family! Bob! It’s not nice to pull Daddy’s britches down! You don’t suspect a millionth of what you saw…

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