What was In-Him was swirling and becoming Around-Him. Light, planets, firmaments. And then He would stop…step back…look, and say “This is Good”. I can’t imagine this as your typical male acknowledgement. “That’s good honey, what’s for dinner…” I picture this far differently.
I am sure we cannot find an equivalent…how could we, but let’s at least make some comparisons.

You’ve been fasting and you just tasted the most delicious steak EVER…and from your digestive system and taste buds arises the signal long before you speak…

You just created the fulfillment of something you have been dreaming your whole life, put on the finishing touches, and step back. Your heart swells, beginning to form words…

You just completed a high jump, triple-axel, inverted double with a twist, you name it but you pulled it off. Your adrenaline presses your chest and joy to it’s limit as the word’s form…

They bring your first baby into view for the first time in your life, you see this child, your child, and feel something you’ve never felt before. Like electricity only thicker pulsating through your nervous system, you can’t stop smiling, and your cheels may SPLIT. Your heart feels bigger than your body, and words form…

You step out on the balcony, and suddenly the whole panorama of sea and beach and volcanoes surround you. YOu can’t take it in but you know you have weeks to try. You exhale deeply, relax and your brain feels before it says…

Like the child who caught a snake, the guitar player who learned a new lick, the girl who finally found the shoes she had been searching for, the pilgrims seeing the New World for the first time…the words are FAR more than observation or mere approval.

God made something that physically expressed His nature!! Can He jump up and down? Can He point, can He say to Angels “LOOK…LOOK…LOOK what I MADE!” He growls and shouts…”LOOK…THIS IS GOOD”

And then He says with building excitement, “If you thought THAT was cool watch this…” and He takes another breath.

3 replies on “It is GOOD!

  • Mirian Del Carpio (Peruvian Sister)

    ok. My Knowledge of the meaning of “GOOD” took just another level, not to compare with the lasagna I taste this affternoon when I finish 19 hours of fasting. What you just said….I can’t wait for meeting Adam. OMG!!! ( I can said that this blog is so good, or would it be too much..ummm. Just in case….IS GOOD INDEED!!!

  • Colleen Foshee

    What was In-Him was swirling and becoming Around-Him. This is good! …the words are FAR more than observation or mere approval. Experiencing the love of God a little deeper because of this post. Thanks.

  • Deborah Jeter

    Thank you for helping us to become Free, freely (no cost to us). For all of us living month to month by God’s doing, His provisions. Can’t wait for your book to come out.

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