Right Before He Spoke

3 minute read
3 minute read

He hadn’t said, “Let there be…” yet, but He was about to.  In the same way you hear someone draw a quick breath before they speak, all of reality paused.  It was as much like the stillness in the air before the first rush of wind hits from the aproaching storm, as it was the quivering anticipation on the lips of a lover when it becomes evident that the first kiss is coming.  In the final moment of “not yet”, the atmosphere was charged with the most pregnant “not yet” ever. Everything stood still.

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The God who gives life to the dead and calls into existence things that are not, had to be smiling.  A smile like a father who has just given His daughter the ultimate present and He is waiting for her to begin the unwrapping.  This was going to be fun!

Like an athlete plays in His mind the shot he is about to take, or the play about to unfold, the whole plan flashed through His mind as He took that breath.  Deep laughter and joy, intermingled with intense passion and grief, as He pictured the story that was about to issue forth from His first command.

The story would include laughter and pain.  It would include love and loss, and it would include restoration.  The story would include Adam, and Jesus, and the story would include you!  He did not hesitate.  He wanted this story and it’s ultimate end, more than He wanted anything.

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The geography around Him was not empty, but it was not as occupied as it was about to be.  He was surrounded by angelic beings, equally anticipating this next move of the Eternal One.  He was surrounded by everything that was true about Him.  Peace so tangible you could build a skyscraper on it, and it would stand. A pulsating and opaque cloud of love hung in the air as far as the eye (if such a thing existed at this time) could see.

Everything was just right.  Yet one thing about His nature, one essential characteristic, had yet to be expressed.  Not only was He a Creator, He was a Healer and a Redeemer, a Restorer of the broken. How could He express this when nothing was yet broken?  The Ultimate Lover knew that the greatest expression of love would be when He laid down His life.  But in this moment, no one really needed that.  It would not be long now.

He knew if He never opened His mouth…never said, “let there be…”, all would be well.  But He also knew all would not be complete.  Without the story, the unfolding romance that He was about to unleash, entire segments of His heart would remain dormant and unexpressed.

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“Ready?” He asked the Breath He drew into Himself.

“Ready!”, His Spirit responded.

“Ready?”, He asked the Word about to issue from His mouth.

“Ready!” His Son said with an eager grin on His face.

“Let it Be…”, He roared and whispered at the same time.

The storm began, and so did the kiss.

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  • Babs

    WOW! You woke up waxing poetic this morning. 🙂
    This was so beautifully and vividly written that I actually had the movie rolling in my mind as I was reading. Words came to life… (literally, huh?)
    My favorite part? The end when HE asks, “Ready?”. The anticipation and eagerness built up in my Spirit, as if I was along for the ride. I could see Jesus’ smile and feel His excitement, like a runner set in his blocks at the starting line.
    “The storm began, and so did the kiss” YES!

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