Where Am I?

1 minute read
1 minute read

The question rings through the air, like an echo in my heart, that is simultaneously in the wind.  I feel like a child caught and I’m not even sure the answer to the question.  Where am I?

Moments ago, I knew right where I was.  Standing next to my wife next to the tree. That tree.  You know the one.  The one I was not supposed to eat from.  Everything was as it has always been, and then she handed me the fruit.  I took a bite, and it was like the world around me shifted.  Like the air had been let out of my soul.  Lights faded, my eyes grew dim.  My eyes are adjusting but…then I heard the question.  “Where are you?”

All I know is I am not where I was a moment ago.  I haven’t really moved, but nothing is the same.  All I did was take the fruit from my wife…If only she hadn’t…how could she have…maybe I would not have…

The question…still hanging in my soul.  All I know is I don’t want to answer.  I feel…caught.  Blind.  Confused.  I think the lights are still fading.  But my eyes continue to adjust.

My feet haven’t moved…but the landscape, the light looks different.  I feel tired, getting heavy.  Where am I?



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