“I don’t care what you talk about, but you have to do this, “ he said, as he bent down and placed his hands under his feet. “When you did that last year, suddenly everything made sense.”

He was referring to the talk I gave at his conference the year prior when I was discussing the provision God made for us in Jesus. Specifically, the illustration has to do with our own inability to reach underneath our own feet, and pick ourselves up off the ground. The idea, is that humans need Someone outside of their own self to help them with the condition of being…well…themselves.

What if the same thing is true not only of humans as individuals but with humanity, with creation? What if Creation does not contain the answer to it’s own ills, rather Something outside of creation must enter in and pick us up off the ground.

What if the target of the church is not to operate in creation to improve our world, but instead to be a conduit through which an alternate reality enters into creation, changing everything.

If this were true, we would have to Think Differently about how we lead our hearts, homes and organizations.

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  • Emily

    I think that’s one of the things Jesus was illustrating in John 15. “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Our Source is the vine (Christ), we are nourished (picked up) and then bear fruit for not only ourselves but others. The branch (us) is the conduit that the Vine (Jesus) displays His goodness for everyone to see and if they chose to they can also be grafted in. That’s why it’s so important for us to always give God the glory for the blessings and goodness we have in our lives 🙂
    Love your ministry and insight! May God continue to pour His Spirit out on you in divine wisdom and revelation!

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