From There to Here

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The longest non-distance in the world is from there to here. We live here. Our lives and daily experiences take place…here. Houses and cars, offices and yeah, even malls. Here. This limited, sometimes suffocating place called here. Earth. Time. The material realm. Here.

We breathe it, we see it, it assaults, or seduces our five senses. Regardless of what and how, we live, and move and have our being, here.

He, on the other hand, lives, there.

Heaven, Eternity, the Spiritual Realm. There. He lives, as we like to say, afar off. Our mind, and certainly our perception of reality places God as far away as the next solar system, or the year 2089.

The distance between the two is so much more than geographical. In fact, if I understand rightly, the geographical distance is not far at all. Geographically, “there” is all around us. The distance is as thin as a flimsy veil. Flimsy or not, it is a veil that separates there from here.

The distance between the two has more to do with what we can and cannot see. How we do and do not perceive. What we do and do not attach to. The distance is more about the position and places inside from which we engage reality. Engage with our intellect and the distance may actually increase. Engage with self-will and self-strength and the distance becomes almost infinite.

The longest non-distance in the world is from there to here.


Until Christmas.


Angels take a single step and announce a coming baby. How far did He have to travel? A divine infant inhabits a dirty stable. From there, to the most unlikely here. But here nonetheless. And from that day forward, there, was now…here.

The longest non-distance in the world.  So vast are the millimeters in between that you cannot cross it. But He already has. There is now here.  Change the way you engage.

Therefore the Lord himself will give youa sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, andwill call him Immanuel, that is God With Us.  – Isaiah 7: 14

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