God’s Book is Not His Person

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This post is based on Chapter 8 of Think Differently Live Differently. (Click to Buy TDLD)

God is with us. God is among His people. He wants to have a cup of coffee with you, He wants to drive to work with you even when you don’t want to drive to work. He wants to comfort you when you lose your favorite person. Or any person for that matter. He doesn’t just want to be involved with your circumstances; He wants to b engaged with your heart.

So how does an Invisible Spiritual Being engage with visible material offspring? This would be a very difficult conundrum for anyone, other than an All-Knowing-Being. God has it figured out. Since He is All-Knowing and All-Capable, God engages us through a multi-media, multi-sensory campaign. He had to. Any single method of communicating to us would cause at least two problems.

  1. A one-dimensional method is woefully insufficient to communicate the story and nature of an Infinite-Being.
  2. Odds are good that if God chose only one method to engage us we might worship the method and not the God it points us toward.

So the Infinite God initiated a multi-media, multi-sensory, multi-thought-process campaign in order to give us every possible chance of:

  1. Knowing He is Infinite.
  2. Not worshipping any particular aspect of His campaign.

So God began an infinitely detailed campaign. Here are but a few elements of the plan.

  1. He wrote a massive parable – the story of the nation of Israel – and then played it out in front of the world.
  2. The setting for this living parable is the Earth. Even the physical characteristics of the planet communicate truth about God’s nature and His ways.
  3. As the parable unfolded, He documented it through the writing of the participants. This is where we go the Bible.
  4. Throughout the parable, He revealed himself personally to those who could then communicate to the masses.
  5. He demonstrated His nature and power as He interacted with His people.
  6. He sent angels and other visible representatives to communicate His unfolding script.
  7. He found many direct and indirect ways to communicate that He would send someone to rescue those living out this parable, and the rest of the world as well.
  8. He appointed many ceremonies and holidays to visually communicate His plan and His ways.
  9. He spoke Himself into human form, becoming the man, Jesus, while retaining His divine nature. God the Son came to Earth while God the Father and God the Spirit remained in Heaven.
  10. While on Earth, Jesus verbalized and demonstrated God’s plan, His nature and His ways.
  11. Jesus fulfilled all of the symbols and messages of the previous parable, simultaneously rescuing the human race from its fallen condition.
  12. Jesus, doing what the Father desired, demonstrated how a human being can live by the power of God’s Spirit.
  13. God inspired witnesses to write down what they heard Jesus say and what they saw Him do, and preserved that written testimony throughout hundreds of years.
  14. He sent His Spirit to live in and among human beings.

So the Bible is one very significant piece of a massive campaign. If we approach it as such we might read it in a different way.


7 replies on “God’s Book is Not His Person

  • Hilfam

    Awesome and yes He does! He likes driving with me and singing and giving us parts to lines in a song. I love when He speaks to me that way!

  • Ted Crawford

    Bob, you left out step 12b; Jesus atoning sacrifice! Without the atonement, all else is meaningless! Were dead meat puppets!!!

  • Ted Crawford

    OK, my bad. Step 11 does allude to Jesus atonement in a “passing” manner but it needs so very much to be placed at the forefront as God’s most singularly significant demonstration of His unfathomable Love for us. You once said that God’s greatest power is His Love. There it is; The Cross!!!

  • Benjamin Marrow

    10, 11, 12, and 14 all incorporate the sacrifice/resurrection via the process, albeit without stating it directly. Still, Ted, I am with you on a 12b; there is power in speaking it directly. And, Bob, you always manage to stand me on my head in a VERY FREEING WAY!

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