Hearing the Voice that Creates

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4 minute read

God speaks!!!

The most important and often the most confusing aspect of this journey.  God Speaks.  Often, and in clever ways.  God speaks.

Then why can’t I hear?  This is the wrestle, the rub, the difficulty.  If God is so talkative…why am I having such a hard time hearing?

We have a difficult time with hearing for several reasons.

1. Expectations:  Because we hear people speak all the time, and because people use such “familiar” terminology about God speaking. We all have an assumption about how we should hear His voice.

We also have an expectation about what He will say.

The Bible (1 Corinthinans 2) tells us that spiritual things are spiritually discerned.  This simply means that God’s communication is Spirit to spirit. How we hear Him, begins with our spirit.  Not our intellect, not our emotions, but our spirit.  Hence, if we are overly familiar with our intellect, and underly familiar with our spirit, it will initially be difficult. Here are some helpful thoughts.

Be still.

Listen to room noises.  The act of listening is different than the act of thinking.  When we listen we incline, or turn our attention to something else.  When we think, we generate thoughts and ideas and the attention is on ourselves. As you listen for room noises, now turn and listen for God.  Stillness is helpful.  Focus can be helpful if we are focused on hearing and not focused on our fears about not hearing.

Did I mention, be still?

Now as you are still and focused, pay attention to whatever happens.  Something may come to your mind.  This is not always God, but if you have asked Him what He is saying and your heart is inclined, ponder what comes.  If it is a surprise then consider that it is even more likely to be God.  Have you noticed how difficult it is to surprise yourself?

2. Fear and Insecurity: Many people have a fear that God will not speak, or that they are somehow to inadequate to really hear Him.  Couple this with the previous barrier, and add the fact that we have an enemy who wants to oppose you hearing from God, and what seems to be God’s silence, can get us focused on ourselves quickly.   This is a little bit like trying to hear your spouse whisper to you, while you yourself are screaming loudly that you cannot hear them.  Your soul noise will drown out His Spirit whisper.

If you do not hear, or He is not saying something that you recognize as Him speaking THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU.  Sorry, was that too loud?  This is such a root fear for many, it can amplify the fear that we will not hear.

3. Thoughts: Again, especially for those that are familiar with scripture or think they are familiar with the ways of God we can sometimes unwittingly “help God out” by generating thoughts that fit what we think He should say.  That’s all I am going to say about that.

Bottom line, God speaks, the Bible is loaded with examples of when and how God speaks.  This is the key to every step along the way.  Take a deep breath, be still.  Focus, just not on yourself.  (be careful not to focus on not focusing on yourself….) pay attention to what come into your mind, and test it.

What impact does it have when it breaks into your consciousness?

Does it produce the fruit of the Spirit? (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Meekness, Mercy, Self-Control)

Does it produce the fruit of the flesh? (Anger, confusion divisiveness, etc.)

Does the thing that comes to mind help you to see something in a new way?  If so, does this way of seeing things line up with scripture?

Sometimes the peace alone of being still and focusing on the Holy One is the very thing He is trying to say to you.

If this is still an area of struggle for you, read Alan Smith Changing My MInd He has some great posts on Hearing God.  Also read “Surprised by the Voice of God”, by Jack Deere. This is a very helpful book on recognizing God’s voice.

We will continue on this journey, but I wanted to focus on this piece a little bit more.  Shhh, listen.



16 replies on “Hearing the Voice that Creates

  • Marissa Star

    “When we listen we incline” … Good. Practical. Encouraging to just do it and be surprised … Hear God! Passing on …

  • Becky S

    Thanks Bob, you give revelation from God in such a way that the common person who isn’t sure of themselves can understand SO easily. With a byline by you, I actually went ahead and posted this as a note on my site and tagged specific people. Was this okay to do?

  • Bea

    I seem to be the only one ‘not getting it’ still. I’ve been saved a long time and usually God speaks to me through preachers, teachrs, pastors, etc … is that maybe why I’m not ‘hearing’ through them anymore, cuz HE wants to speak to me HIMSELF? :: sigh :: If HE stops speaking that way to me … i may never hear HIM again 🙂

  • Josiah C

    “God’s communication is Spirit to spirit. How we hear Him, begins with our spirit.” That is so key, such a sweet reminder, thank you! He speaks to our eternal being, not to our physical decaying body first, or first in our soul where we are constantly waging war in our walk of sanctification (Romans 7:14-20). Instead, He speaks to us where we are the most secure, already made righteous, where we are redeemed and made whole. He starts where He has made us a new creation. From our spirit He can affect the rest of our whole enchilada! Or something like that 😉

  • Johnjernest

    Well it is now July 2012, and i am just coming across this site.  For all those who say and beleived they are saved please listen think and know this….The word in Romans 10 says what it takes to be saved.  If we believe in our heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, etc, etc, etc.  So therefore, if you beleive in your heart and confess with your mouth i can not hear from God for myself then guess what….Proverbs 18 says that life and death are in the power of the tongue.  i pray Bea and everyone else who is struggling to hear from God by His Spirit will receive all the wisdom and revelation and understanding you need.

  • Robyn

    So good.  I was a Christian who had never “heard” from God in the ways many people described it (and truth be told, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing…how did they know for sure it was God?  why did some say He showed them something in a dream while others claimed His audible voice literally shook a room?).  For me personally, I started wanting to know what God’s true purpose was for me.  I felt that there was more but hadn’t stepped into it yet.  The wanting to know became a LONGING to know…a daily prayer, a preparation of my heart, a lesson in patience, a realization that His Timing has much to do with my readiness.  It was a year of listening, learning to be still, paying attention to whatever He put in my path daily before one day…He spoke to me.
    The wonderful thing about the voice of the Almighty God is that once you hear it, you know what it sounds like.  I believe an eager, joyful, prayerful, obedient response on my part opened up a means of communication in the spiritual realm that had not been there (for me) before.  And just like talking on the phone, the more He “speaks”, the more familiar His voice becomes to me. 

  • tammy

    so, how is what you are teaching “lining up” with scripture. so now God has revealed to “you” the truth? there are no new revelations. God’s answers for your life are written in the “Word of God” i ask you bob, show me where it say’s in the bible that this is how we are to communicate with God and i will follow it. these are the very things the bible warns us about.

    i pray your followers stop following man and go to the scriptture. if they aask God for discernment, He will reveal the trruth to them. THROUGH SCRIPTUURE!

    if i sound angry, it’s because i am. im tired of false teachers leading my family members astray. this is very dangerous. seriously people, search the scripture to see if this is biiblical.

    im sure this will not be possted and that is ok. i also tried posting my comments on Alan smiths site and he had a couple of my posts and then they deleted them. i noticed that they post the accolades however.

  • Bob Hamp

    Thanks for opening up a dialogue… I am sorry, it sounds like some members of your family may have been hurt by people in some way, and obviously I am saddened for you and for them for whatever ma have happened.

    I would love to have further dialogue, though I think offline (private e-mail, or phone) is more fruitful than a comment string on a blog. Often others may get involved and complicate what could be a fruitful conversation between you and I.

    I am not entirely sure exactly what your concern is, though it sounds like we may have differing opinions on what the Bible has to say about how God communicates to us. I am sure that there are many areas where we agree, and likely some where we disagree, as many of my good friends have opinions that differ from my own.

    I would be happy to share my understanding of what scripture has to say about how God communicates to and guides His children. I am just not clear enough that this is your area of concern, so I don’t want to answer a question that I am yet uncertain about. If you would like me to post on this string I will otherwise feel free to e-mail me bob.hamp@gatewaypeople.com. If you prefer a phone conversation, e-mail me and we can initiate a follow up call.

    I would love to hear more clearly your concerns.


  • Connie Hill

    We have extended our 8 week class to 10. We have decided to start it out with a class on hearing God. This my friend is perfect and will be used!!! Thank for the tools Bob!

  • beck

    “Have you noticed how difficult it is to surprise yourself?”

    Why yes, yes, in fact I have! I’ve also noticed that God loves surprises! (See comment on previous post.)

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