It’s always been this way, and it will never change…

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2 minute read

Now we have described all the moving parts…let’s look one more time at the set up and then finally, on to the Way Out!

Being in bondage (and therefore, getting free) is an interplay between your circumstances, your soul (Mind, Will, Emotions), and the spiritual realm. Let’s watch.

Stuff Happens: A painful situation, an embarrassing moment, something happens where our knowledge of evil tells us that something is wrong. Separate from God’s indwelling, loving, and discerning Spirit, our definition of what is wrong will be incomplete.  We will only be aware that we wish it were NOT SO.

Our Soul: Our mind tells us a definition of the circumstance, and tells us what it means about us.
We are unlovable, we are dirty.  We deserve to be hurt.  The number of possible lies are infinite. Our emotions are intensely activated.  We are hurt, we are afraid, we are ashamed.  Now our will kicks in.     We must do something about our definition of the problem.  We must stop the way we feel.  Our knowledge of evil, stimulates our disconnected knowledge of good.  The pain must stop, and we must protect ourselves.  We build whatever walls feel safe.

The Spiritual Realm: As we act separate of God we act in disagreement with our One Chance.  We are our own source of truth, and our own protection. Worse, in many cases, we do agree with something else.  Our fear draws a spirit of fear.  Our self-protection draws a spirit of bondage.  We have successfully (?) made an agreement with the kingdom of darkness.  Spiritual forces are empowered in the human arena by human agreement.

I might mention that much of this can happen just outside your conscious mind.

Now we live in this new state.  Self protected, unaware that we have made an agreement with darkness, for awhile this new state “works”.  It works in the sense that we establish a new balance where we at least “feel” safer, and less hurt.

The dilemma is, this is not simply a new state, it is a new direction.  As we live this way, we re-create painful circumstances, escalating our need to protect, and we up the intensity of the whole thing.  And tomorrow it repeats again.  Ten years later it is the new normal, and we have no idea that we have cooperated in the construction of this new way.

It is in the throes of this new direction that we come to believe the Big Lie.

It’s always been this way, this is just who I am and it will NEVER change.

What if it will change?

We are now ready to address how we reverse this trap.  Tune in next time…

While you’re waiting, ask yourself, if you have come to accept some things that you DO NOT have to live with.


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  • craig

    From Kyle Reese to Sara Connor in “The Terminator”

    “Now listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It cant be bargained with, it cant be reasoned with. It doesnt feel pity, or remorse, or fear and it ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT STOP, EVER, til you are dead”!

    Simply replace “terminator” with “sin”. It’s the same idea and attitude we need to have when dealing with sin in our lives.

  • ian hamp

    we must rely on God protection and not self protection. and we cant rely on human source is because God is our source to restore us back to God Himself in Heaven

  • Vickie

    “Ten years later is the new normal”. Wild how easy it is to fall into that trap But no more! Thanks

  • Ted Crawford

    I’ve discovered a tragic result of this “fortress-building”. Since it involves the devil’s blueprint, guess who has designed a “back door” into your fortress! You wind up cut off from everyone(including God) except the the person who hates you the most and is “hell-bent” on destroying you. God restricts His entry into this situation to you giving Him permission. Without inviting God in, you wind up like that Pink Floyd song from “The Wall”:

    Sitting in a bunker
    Here behind my wall
    Waiting for the worms to come…

    If you decide to invite God in(OH PLEASE DO!), the Bible says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. That fortress that you’ve worked so hard at all your life with the help & inspiration of the devil is condemned and designated for demolition! From then on, eternally, God is your fortress.

    Who’s Our Daddy?

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