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The longer I am gone the more I want to look at my wife.  The more days I spend out of the country the more I want to see my kids.  Let me re-write that last sentence.  The more I am away, the more I want to look into the eyes of the ones I love.  I want to see them, and be seen by them.  What I am trying to say here is really impossible to say with words.  We have tried.  We exchanged texts, Facebook and even a few phone conversations.  It’s just not the same.

Jesus met Peter and the Bible says “He looked at him, and told him that from that day forward he would be called Peter…”.  A rich young man came to Jesus and the Bible records these words, “Jesus looked at him and loved him…”  What is it about Jesus that allows Him to look in a man’s eyes and change his identity?  What is it about “looking” and “loving” that the two seem to go together inseparably?

I have always carried this idea of Jesus, that He would make long and intentional eye contact with men and women, and in so doing allow people to see God, and to be seen by God.  Shame would fall away, and life would be imparted.

We just spent three days making long and intentional eye contact with a roomful of strangers and now they are family.  We cried with a woman who has an unbelievable history of rejection and abandonment, and watched as love and acceptance overcame the lies of her past.  We rejoiced as three sisters looked again at one another through new eyes.  When they did they saw one another and were seen by one another in new ways, restoring and deepening old relationships.  We watched as an angry and wounded man, who had declared he would never again care about relationships, gazed into the eyes of his wife as if she were the most beautiful creation on the planet.  We watched a woman who had been “invisible” all her life, be “seen” by a room full of people.  She began to radiate with life and beauty as she was “known anew” by those who had known her for her entire life.

We didn’t just look at one another, we saw with new eyes, and discovered the power of being truly seen. Shame and fear melted away, love and acceptance took its place.

Jesus said the eyes are the lamp of the body, I wonder what all this means?

Today, look at someone you love.  I mean while they are looking at you.  Get uncomfortable.  On the other side of that is the great comfort of being known and accepted.  Look at a stranger as if they matter to God. Perhaps they have never seen themselves in that way.  Perhaps you can start something new in them without a word.

The disciples passed by a lame man on the side of the road.  When he asked for money they said, “we don’t have money but what we do have we give to you, LOOK AT US.”  And when he looked at them he was no longer lame.  I wonder if this still happens today?

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  • Jackee

    Great job! Beautifully said. Aligns with want Christine Caine spoke about crossing the street. God is so good to bring a steady word to those who will give it a voice in an arena where people will not only listen but hear.

  • Andrea Catlett

    This very idea has been brought to my attention in Seminary this semester. I am amazed how Jesus “looked” at people. I’ve wanted to write a blog on this same topic. Maybe I will soon.
    I also enjoyed your blog “Lessons From the Vine” as well. I too recently blogged about how God spoke to me through trees.
    Your posts have been real timely, and I appreciate your writings. Thank you.

  • Cindy Snyder

    Yes, Bob, these things still happen today. I can stand and say that because only recently have I understood that Jesus looked at me a long time ago and He has never quit looking. It was me that wouldn’t look up and see His gaze on me. But recently I hear Him asked me to look at Him, to lift my head and lift my eyes as His daughter, I was obedient and He is faithful. Words cannot explain or express what it means to be “looked upon” by God.

  • Ana Marie Gierhart

    Beautiful! I think these things still happens today:)) Glad you write so I may read and pay attention more often and to look at those who may not be seen with the eyes of God!

  • Ana Marie Gierhart

    Beautiful! I think these things still happens today:)) Glad you write so I may read and pay attention more often and to look at those who may not be seen, and with the eyes of God!

  • Michelle Bentham

    It happened to me one night as God had me look in the mirror after a messy session of me and Him confession on the living room floor. I didn’t want to look, but for the first time I saw myself through His eyes. He told me I was beautiful. And, for the first time in my life I knew I was.

    God taught me about seeing others at the altar. I used to self-consciously stare at the floor. Uncomfortable. One day as I made my altar routine for the umpteenth time, I heard God say “Look up.”

    I began to look out at the faces looking back. God always shows me the person I’m about to pray for – He starts to talk to me about them. Sometimes they come forward and sometimes not. But for the moments we make eye contact – I believe God is speaking to us both.

    Great post. I loved all your stories from last week. I am going to borrow Rose’s words about living in the Kingdom. My favorite quote of the day. 🙂


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