Receiver or Generator?

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The last several posts on the difference between knowing God and living by the Knowledge of Good and Evil are designed to really help us sort out the thing that Jesus admonishes us to “seek first”.  As I continue to look for ways to convey this all important distinction, it came to me.  The key question is, are we a receiver or a generator?

A receiver has no use or function without a broadcast source, and is only limited by the limitations of the broadcaster.

A generator is it’s own source, and is therefore limited to whatever it can produce.

Life connected to the tree of Life, the Living and Active Breathof God, makes us receivers.

Life by the Knowledge of Good and Evil makes us generators.  We produce from our own storehouse, and interpret through our own lenses.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.  Anything else would just be me trying to be a generator.

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