The Power of Our Will

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2 minute read

The beauty of Judo is that it turns the strength of the opponent against himself.  This means that the stronger the opponent, the more effective your weapons become.  This is how spiritual warfare works as well.

In the last post, I described how the nature of the battle for our freedom involves three forces, the self (or soul), circumstances, and the spiritual realm.  Understanding the interaction of these three, is key to living life in freedom.

In  the Garden of Eden, we must recognize that the most powerful weapon the serpent used against the man, was the will of the man.  He used the man’s greatest strength, and turned it against him.  Man decided to partake of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Separate of the man’s will, the serpent had no actual power over the man.  Remember, Adam had been given dominion over creation.  The serpent was created. (Selah…)

Adam and Eve used their will to surrender the human race to a new state of being. It is a significant trap to try to help people gain freedom without teaching them how to properly engage their will.  If I do all the work to help someone else, I have actually taught them a new way to stay in bondage.  Depend on others to do for you, what you can and should do for yourself, and you will always be in bondage to something called dependency.

On the flip side, if you teach people to use their will incorrectly, they can be in bondage to something equally crippling; self-reliance.

Proper understanding and use of the human will is a key to living this thing called freedom.

Most often we teach people to use their will to engage good, and avoid evil.  The dilemma is, that this leads people to function out of the root system which led the whole race astray; the knowledge of good and evil.  Doing good and avoiding evil, separate of God is simply self-reliance.

The proper use of our will is to choose between our strength and abilities, and the power of God.  Another name for this is “submission”. Another name “surrender”.

Our part is to be honest, surrender, and agree.  His part is to be the source behind all that happens.

Choose wisely.

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  • Russ Pond

    Good stuff, Bob! It seems like we spend our lives “doing good and avoiding evil” trying to to please God. Like you said, the harder we try to do this, the tighter the grip it has on our lives. Our strength is being used against us.

    Why is this so pervasive, especially in our culture? Are we taught this at a young age? Are we constantly rewarded for performance, and so we carry that into our spiritual walk? It’s surprising to me that you don’t have to wrongly indoctrinate someone to believe this–they just believe it. Is it that adamic nature that drives this motivation to “do good and avoid evil”?

  • Josiah C

    Great quote from the Grail Knight, “Choose wisely”!! Just like the choice Indiana Jones faced, “Choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.” Spending our life drinking from the wrong grail takes our life in the process. I grew up with a skewed, unbalanced view of the will, partly because of my hyper-Calvinist upbringing and mostly because of my flesh. It truly breaks my heart when I walk through this world and see so much spiritual pain in people’s faces. Spiritual pain that has happened because of their past and because they’ve resolved to self-reliance, yet they’re not very happy with themselves at all. Thank you for walking us through an encyclopedic narration of freedom, I love it!!

  • chuck

    How beautiful that you selected an image of 2,000 year old olive trees from the Garden of Gethsemane in which the greatest example of surrender occurred.

  • mwelu

    This is wonderful,i like these two words ‘submission and surrender’ to the only source of life,it has worked for me and led me discover the WHY i live and for WHAT should i accomplish before my time expire here on planet

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