The Way in is The Way Out!!

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3 minute read

The way in is the way out!!  I have spent so much time developing the nature of the trap because the trap is based on our natural propensities, and therefore directly connected to how we need to get out of the trap.

We need to know when something is wrong, and we need to know the truth.  We also need protection.  The whole trap is based on legitimate needs.  The trap is a result of meeting legitimate needs, through illegitimate means. When we meet our own need, or allow anyone but God Himself to meet our need for Truth and our need for protection, we begin to develop a stronghold.  The Way out, is to reverse the way in.

However, we most commonly hear that at behavioral, or even cognitive level.  So we try on our own to reverse our behavior, or to correct our thoughts.  In so doing, we continue to be our own source and our own security, actually strengthening the trap.  Rather than reverse our thoughts and actions, we need, instead, to reverse HOW WE USE OUR WILL.  Instead of initiating, receive.  Instead of generating thoughts, receive them from God.  In other words, reverse your Source.  Instead of using your will to try to choose new thoughts and actions, use your will to choose God’s Living-and-Active-Voice.

We can know the Truth and the Truth will set us free!

People trying to get out out of the trap with their own knowledge is what keeps them in the trap.  One of the greatest enemies of real freedom is what I like to call the “Try Harder” approach.  Trying harder at the things that make the trap worse only….make the trap worse, only…harder.  While it is true that we need to engage, and use our will, we must learn the correct way to use our will.

We must use our will to choose God again as source, and stand against any other source.  With God as source, everything else will begin to shift.

The difficulty for us and the “Try Harder” approach is that we try harder when things are not aligned rightly.  We are working against our own design. Like running with our shoes tied together.

When we try to fix our circumstances, or actions without first aligning things rightly, we will experience the lie, “See, it will never change”

When we try first to line things up rightly (Circumstance, Soul, and the Spiritual Realm) things will change sometimes with little or no effort at all on our part.

Like the game pictured above, when things align rightly, gravity does it’s work, and the marbles move easily into the center.

When things are aligned rightly in our soul, it allows our source to be God’s Kingdom; the natural, unavoidable result is freedom.

So rather than trying not to be angry, what if we forgive for old wounds.

Rather than trying to control our choices, what if we allow God into some places where we have kept Him away.

Rather than trying to discipline our actions, what if we listen to God’s voice instead of the voices we have always heard..

Alignment.  The way out.

Elaboration to come!

20 replies on “The Way in is The Way Out!!

  • Marissa Star

    I could read this over and over again as new waves of grace and His voice crash onto the shores of my head and heart.

    Ick! To trying hard enough!

    Bookmarked it!
    So equipping … Thanks!

  • Anna Davenport

    “…what if we allow God into some places where we have kept Him away.”

    Looking forward to some elaboration. In the meantime, I’m inviting Him into some dark places. That song, “The Voice of Truth” is spot on for me right now.

  • Gelson Rocha

    As we surrender and make way for His Spirit, He makes all the parts of our lives work together, ‘congruently’.

  • Bob Hamp

    Gelson…I love the word “congruently” congruence is one of the elements of “integrity” (integrated-ness) that we often don’t discuss!!

  • Josiah C

    When reading this I got a picture of irrigating a farm field. As the water of the Holy Spirit descends upon the field of our heart, we have to be willing to grab a shovel and start digging, building new trenches, tearing down walls and impediments to the flow of the water, the Source of life. We’re gonna get covered in mud and it’ll be exercise. But when the rain comes it is far better to irrigate than to “try harder” with filling buckets of water and pouring them where we elect to…

  • Sarah Dicus

    Forgiveness always looks so simple in words… do or not to do? when do you do, and when does not doing apply? every time a door of information opens, it feels like it is from a higher distance to fall from…. Oy

  • Cindy

    “Kim…Hang on friend…this is the beginning of the solution side….give me a few weeks to unpack this particular post….”

    FYI, when you are in the middle of this process a “few” weeks feels like a forever time.

    When I have decided to let God lead, it is like the enemy freaks out and starts not only a full frontal attack but some incredibly intricate flanking moves. I know that my old ways are not the ways I should go in, the “safe” comfortable ways of interacting with people and the world, but I don’t have the skills in place to head in the right direction. God is there for me, but He doesn’t lay it out that clearly. So, even when I know who my source is, my old habits and reflexes derail me, my social skills are lacking. If I was three I would be treated differently, with more grace by people, but I’m not three, I’m more than grown up and should “know” how to behave and interact. Enter the screams of the enemy and before I know it, in a moment, I have agreed with him, if only for a moment, and I have been derailed.

    Walking in God’s freedom sometimes feels like trying to pick up mercury with a fork.

  • chuck

    Jesus so loved the little children that when the disciples tried to prevent the parents from bringing their babies forward for blessing He heatedly told the disciples to back off and leave them alone. Let us become like children at the altar of His heart. Opening to healing is not about information. It is about opening the eyes of your heart …a little each time, until the big picture comes into view. Everyone comes to that moment uniquely and Jesus already knows just exactly where you are. Listen. Listen for Him with your heart. By hearing, receive.

  • Ted Crawford

    “RIGHT ON!” That’s English for “AMEN!”, isn’t it? Like “DIG IT!” is English for “SELAH!”?

    I’m beginning to discover that I can’t handle the Truth…

    He can handle me

  • Bob Hamp

    Cindy….I got it…I will try to be sure to address all the things you bring up (and more)…sadly, it will still take me a couple of weeks. You have described well the ground level struggle while we try to step into new “reflexes” (renewing our mind…) while receiving what is already ours. Love ya girl. I hope to hand out spoons as we go…..

  • Angela

    I have been wondering about this very topic this week. I have my initial response/thoughts on a problem that comes up and then I try to take these thoughts captive and submit them. “Instead of generating thoughts, receive them from God”, awesome! Concerning the Truth, I pray that God will lead me(and my friends/family) in all truth John 16:13-15. Thanks Bob!

  • a friend

    Thanks so much, Bob.  I needed this.  I am running to the Source and just want to receive from Him.  I have tried so hard to fix a relationship that has been wounded.  I have asked for forgiveness, but none is offered by my friend.  So hurt and wounded by this, but I am just needing to give it up to God.  Thank you for helping me through this issue that is turning into a bondage issue for me. 

  • Hope

    Love these thoughts Bob!  Be correctly I am discovering that being correctly aligned spiritually brings everything else into its proper place as well.  this is not an instantaneous thing but a process 

  • Geoff Weatherwax

    Thanks Bob Jesus is contray to all that we know , and we seem to always want to do things our way and not his Way . He is the Llight , the Truth , the Way. Thanks for sharing your insight into Gods Way. 

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