Too Heavenly Minded?…Impossible

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“They are just too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good…”

Have you heard that saying before?  Or do you know someone about whom you have said or thought this?

Never forget this;  Heaven is really good for Earth.  The statement above is a contradiction and shows our misunderstanding of reality as described by the One Person who has resided in both Heaven and Earth.  If we understand what Jesus demonstrates for us regarding the Location and the Atmosphere of Heaven we would recognize that this statement describes an impossibility.

Jesus was clear on every occasion about the location of Heaven.  The Kingdom of Heaven has come near, it is among us now.  Our western idea that Heaven is a cloud filled, future destination is a significant reason why  people think one can be too Heavenly minded.  The implication is that such a person has their mind elsewhere, and is therefore unable to take care of here and now.  No one took better care of here and now than Jesus Himself.  Sick?  He healed right then.  Anxious?  He directed the mind right back to the immediate provision of a loving Father.  Right here right now.  A Heaven which is not yet could be a significant disruption to one’s earthly impact.  The right-here-right-now-ness of Heaven makes it a resource you cannot live without.


The atmosphere of such a realm could only be consistent with the Generator of this realm.  The atmosphere of Heaven is the Nature of God.  He is Love, He is Life (aliveness), He is power for the weak, and He is all-things-restored.  He is Peace, He is Joy, He is Contentment.  Should I go on?

So help me figure out how the Nearness of Love and Life could be of no earthly good?  How being surrounded by palpable Peace could not be of any value?

Jesus said, “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.  Here is how we must come to understand this.  “Think Differently, the Rule of the Atmosphere of God’s Presence is among men again.”  Heaven is really good for Earth.  Think differently, inhale deeply, be restored.  Now exhale, restore those around you.

For much more on this see our Foundations of Freedom class the Kingdom of God.

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