Like a Wedding Feast

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3 minute read

He couldn’t wait to see her.  He loved her so, and had given His life for her, just so that this moment could happen.  He knew her inside and out, and was deeply familiar with her great strengths (she didn’t think she had any) and her weaknesses (which were often worse than she thought, but He knew them all and had taken great pains to overcome them).

Israel Day 10 067

They had courted a long time.  A long and tumultuous time, in which His steadfast and unwavering affections had finally overcome her uncertainty and instability.

She was beautiful, and well worth waiting for, but the wait had seemed like eternity.  From the early days through the deepening connection of the engagement, He had worked diligently to pursue her heart and win her over.

For such a beautiful love story, her part had not been so beautiful.  She had been more than uncertain…she had been unfaithful…more than once.  Like a spear in His side, He had endured her wandering, knowing that for Him there was NO other.  So with tears and great sacrifice, He pursued.  She would respond and then wander again.  He had the time and the patience, and most importantly He loved her.  Not because of her.  He loved her because it was essential to His nature, and she could not change His nature.

All these memories were fading now as the moment He had been anticipating was finally upon them.  In His tradition, as a Jew, rather than wait at the front of a church for the bride to appear, the groom went to get his bride.  She was waiting anxiously at her father’s house for His appearing.  It had been His job to prepare for her a place where they would live out their marriage together. He was finished and on His way.  He would go get her, and take her away to the place He had prepared.

As His feet pounded along the path, His heart was pounding in His chest, not in fear but excitement.  He had been waiting for this forever.  Her home was in view now, and He knew she was waiting.

She also  knew He was coming, though not sure of the exact time, she too had been waiting.  As He stepped through the door, she sensed His arrival.  She was seated in front of her mirror, a thin veil stood between  them for a moment longer.  Somewhere nearby a trumpet sounded, the wedding feast was about to begin,  Celebration broke forth all around them.  He pulled the veil aside and she looked up.  Their eyes met.  His breathing stopped for a moment.  Tears flowed freely down her face.  Without looking back, she stood.  She was leaving her home for the last time.  He ran the last few steps and picked her up, lifting her off the ground.  She was His and they were together at last.

The Kingdom of God, ” Jesus said breathlessly,” is like a certain King who threw a wedding feast for His Son”

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  • Stephanie

    So many favorite parts but my most favorite..” A long and tumultuous time, in which His steadfast and unwavering affections had finally overcome her uncertainty and instability.”

  • Tracey Bartula

    How beautiful! Though I’ve heard the accounts of The Wedding Story many times, I can’t help crying. Come, Lord!

  • Christina

    How we should all be ready and waiting with the same kind of excitement for the time when Jesus calls us to “come up hither”.

  • Kathie Donohoo

    The deepest desire of the heart–The Great Romance. I am recieving so much insight through your Blog in many areas now. It is as if I woke up.

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