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Where was the meeting between God the Father, The Son and His Holy Spirit held? You know the one where they decided “Let Us create…”  The likelihood that we could really comprehend such a “place” is slim.  When this meeting was held, God had not yet invented “places” as we understand them.

When we gather with colleagues and friends, or rendezvous with lovers, we name coordinates, which allow us to all meet up in a “place”   but “places” came with Creation, and this meeting, well, it was pre-creation. This meeting was pre-geographic.  Coordinates, altitude, addresses, neighborhoods, all are post creation experiences.

So if they gathered for a meeting, how did they know and “where” (still not an applicable question, but I can’t think of an alternative…) did they hook up?  Or, how about this, what was it like in their meeting “place”?  Colorful? Hot? Cold?  Just right?  Light? Dark? I think our tendency in thinking about pre-geography is to think “empty” or “void”.  This simply is not possible.  God lived, dwelt there.  No “place” has ever been more inhabited, or filled.  Eternity Himself, the Limitless One was in the house.  Empty would simply not be an option. But what was this locale, realm, area, filled with?

It was filled with God, and God-ness.  His Nature, yet unseen by human eyes (especially since human eyes had not yet been invented…) was no less present.  Our lack of observation or awareness in no way diminished His Fullness.  It just diminishes our capacity to “image” or “imagine” such a place.

Filled with God-ness, this place that He reigned over was a limitless of expanse of all that is still true about Him.






Imagine a tank filled with the highest intensity of such things.  Love in such a palpable, consuming concentration that nothing un-love, could oppose or withstand it. Life, (not yet living beings, just the Essence, Spirit, which would one day fill living beings…) flowed freely throughout.  Not just the absence of sickness, but the raw power of concentrated aliveness.   Put that in your Starbucks cup and drink it.

Such a “place” seems so foreign to us, such an atmosphere, incomprehensible. Our minds only know places.  Places and limits.  Places, limits and tiny droplets of the things named above.  What if those things were limitless, and we just didn’t know it.

We are so Geographic.

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  • Anna Heyen

    “Love in such a palpable, consuming concentration that nothing un-love, could oppose or withstand it…….Put that in your Starbucks cup and drink it.”

    This is the way I am feeling this week (but on a more human scale). Imagine that! I could use a cup o’ this every day! Cheers!

  • Ems

    Brilliant! I was thinking how amazing it is that the laws of displacement don’t apply to the Almighty. I mean, if you put an item of furniture in a room there is less space to move around freely. God makes the earth and skies, fills them and yet is not diminished in any way. His nature, presence and character dwell on every leaf, feather and hillside. His DNA can be found on every ladybug and lion. His understanding of geography really is ‘out of this world.’ I like this Bob! Thank you:)

  • Cindy Snyder

    So, we know we live in a geographic centric world and that God is in a pre-geographic place (place?) our hope and future is that we are headed (headed?) to a post-geographic situation. Wow, I find it difficult to talk about the subject because I can’t reference it in HIS terms, just ours. But strangely enough, I know exactly what you are trying to say.

  • michelle bentham

    I kind of think… They are and well to know it is translation. As the Scriptures put it …”In the twinkling of an eye” translated from finite to infinite. I always laugh thinking about all the times I said, “When I get to heaven I am going to ask God why…”

    The truth is…. I won’t. I will be way too busy smuggling up against His chest and rocking on the front porch with Him. I think my mansion will look like a farmhouse in late afternoon sun… hmmm got to skip off to my secret place with Jesus where the sickness that woke me up this morning really doesn’t matter so much…. Thank you for pressing me to ruminate in the heavens…

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