A Saturday Kind of Season

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Yesterday we celebrated something which, at the time of the actual event, was not celebrated but mourned.  The death of Jesus was, to most, a shocking and devastating end to a soaring hope.   All the faith that His followers put in Him collapsed to the sound of a clanging hammer.

Tomorrow we celebrate the single most important day in human history, but also in God’s calendar. We celebrate the day the resurrection of One and the restoration of all God’s family took place in a garden outside Jerusalem. But what about today?  What about Saturday?  Is there anything we can commemorate today?

Saturday is the “day in between”, the day we can celebrate what God has said, that has not yet come to pass.  Saturday, between the crucifixion and the resurrection is a day to remind us that much of life is lived between the seemingly impossible promises of God, and their final fulfillment.

“I will rise again” seems a hollow promise on the day when the lips from which the promise was uttered are cold and lifeless in a grave.

When hope is completely obliterated and no sign of God’s goodness is visible, Saturday reminds us that the feelings of fear, or hopelessness can be stifling simply because we do not yet see the end of the story.  Saturday reminds us that God comes through, even though today we may feel He has abandoned us.  Saturday reminds us that death has a power of it’s own, and sometimes is a necessary step to reach Sunday.

I think this year Saturday can speak to the season of the church today.  Old things are collapsing around us.  Systems and even leaders we once put our hope in are increasingly lifeless.  Could it be that these things are not dying because God gave up, but because God works through resurrections.

Whether in your personal circumstances, or in the season of the world system.  Celebrate Saturday.  God loves to set us up for new life and overwhelming surprises.


6 replies on “A Saturday Kind of Season

  • Amber Freeman

    Amazing! Thanks for reminding us to celebrate the “in between” day. Your absolutely right, that is where we live! We live in the Faith that God’s promises are TRUE! Sunday is “manifestation” day! Happy Resurrection Day!!!

  • Denise W.

    Oh my goodness I needed to hear this TODAY. This morning I was feeling very discouraged. I have been struggling for almost four months now and really needed to hear this. God is in the midst of setting me up for a new life even though it is Saturday right now. You gave me hope. Thank you as always Bob Hamp for your wisdom and prospective. You are such a blessing and I so appreciate your honesty and your compassion.

  • Denise W.

    I would also just like to say that this post set me free from some condemnation. Even though I have been earnestly seeking The Kingdom of God, praying every day and earnestly listening the progress has been painfully slow. You put me right there with the disciples who even though they had walked with the Lord and heard his teaching first hand must at least have felt a little discouragement on Saturday. Praise God i am not alone!God is not ignoring me and I am not failing it might just be Saturday.

  • chuck

    For several centuries after His death and Resurrection, the cross was never represented pictorially to honor Jesus. Within the oldest catacombs of recorded history, only images of the Good Shepherd and the descent of the dove remain. Why? The shock and horror of what He endured was so painful that it was prohibited from display.

    He walked away from the tomb and lived among His followers for forty days after the Resurrection. With so much to do and so little time, He remained to teach and prepare the disciples for the ministry. Can you imagine seeing Him alive again and then suddenly lifted up into the air into the arms of the Father? I don’t know if that was on a Saturday or a Tuesday, but the expectation, joy, shock, sadness, surrender, and hope are all seamlessly captured in one eternal moment: He Is Alive.

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