New things Happening

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1 minute read

Hey guys, sorry for the interruption in the current series, but I wanted to let you know about some new things happening these days with “Think Differently Live Differently”.  You may have noticed the audiobook that we just launched.  In fact, down below, you can listen a to a sample of it for free!  I am very pleased with how it turned out, and would love to get your feedback as well!  What did you think of the music? The Reading? Soon, this will be available in a seven disc CD set, for those who prefer that medium, but we wanted to get it out as soon as we had it in our hands.

Keep your eyes on the store and the front page for a few other new items in the weeks ahead.

One other thing that I am VERY excited about is the TDLD Study Guide, that I am working on.  It is taking longer than I anticipated, but partly because I am trying to make it, “not-your-normal” study guide.  When it is ready, I think it will significantly enhance your experience of the original “Think Differently Live Differently” as well as make this VERY friendly for a small group, or class type study.

OK, thanks, now back to the current series…(really, I promise).


4 replies on “New things Happening

  • Melanee Lisa Davidson

    Yo, Bro-Bob!!!
    Dude! Am LOVING the audio-book!!
    AND — Jesus is . . . well . . . let me just say — HE’S DOING SURGERY while I listen!
    Just being real!

  • Jaymes Downer

    I love it! The guitar intro is great! Is it you playing?? Your reading is great as well. Very peaceful. Great emphasis without getting too loud or drastic. Can’t wait for the study guide!!!
    Great job Bob!

  • Bob Hamp

    Jaymes yes!! That is me on the guitar…thanks for noticing! Reading this out loud really helped me to like my book again after hours of silent editing. Thanks friend!

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