Think Differently Live Differently iBook!!

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1 minute read


I wanted to interrupt this current series to let everyone know that “Think Differently Live Differently” is now available as an ebook on the sweet new iBookstore. iPhone and iPad users can download immediately from the bookstore.
In order to get the word out I am starting this out at an introductory price of only $7.99. If you have friends or family for whom you were planning to get this book, this is a perfect way to get it to them.
Delivery is immediate and supplies are unlimited.

Thanks for your ongoing encouragement and for continuing to share how this book has impacted your life.

Keep ’em coming!

4 replies on “Think Differently Live Differently iBook!!

  • Bob Hamp

    Kindle is the next format, to be followed shortly by an Audio version read by the author. (that was quite fun by the way…)
    Thanks for asking Greg

  • Josiah C

    I think it’d be totally awesome to put a short film together based on the book. I’m sure Brandon has all the movie equipment needed and Atticus would be great as the protagonist, I mean, acrobat! Imagine the potential!! 😮

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