Think Diffferently Live Differently: Keys to a Life of Freedom

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1 minute read

Introducing my new (and so far only) book, Think Differently Live Differently:  Keys to a Life of Freedom.  Check the Store Now.  Would love feedback.  Thanks for so many who have been a part in so many ways…here we go!!

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  • Gina

    I loved the book. The epilogue is my favorite part because ____(not gonna give it away)______.
    God’s success and failure barometer isn’t quite the same as ours. Having been through almost a year of topical classes in Freedom Ministries as well as KAIROS, it amazed me the things God was highlighting to me as I read the book. Things I told myself not to forget the first time I heard them. Awesome book, easy to read, but deep in wisdom. Thanks for writing it. May it be the first of many. Many blessings to you!

  • Leni Ventling

    This book is life changing! Bob explains the Gosple and the kind of life we are intended to live…a life of freedom, leaving the past behind, needed only as a testimony to God’s redeeming love for us!

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