How Did I Know?

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I pulled into the parking lot.  What I saw with my eyes was the same thing I saw every day.  But something was not right.  I could not explain it but I could describe it.  Something felt amiss, not right, out of place.  A disturbance in the Force if you will. The cars were parked exactly as they should have been, the doors were locked as they should have been.  But the more things appeared normal, the more the tension grew inside.  What I was seeing with my eyes was not lining up with…with…what I…knew

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I opened the secure door to enter the detention facility and for the first time what I heard with my senses lined up with what I sensed with my…guts…inner man…intuition…okay, call it spirit.  The noises coming down the hallway were chaotic and carried a sense of urgency.  I moved quickly now to find my co-workers in a restraint situation, but it was more.  The whole hallway, and both wings of locked rooms were a mess.  Noise and clutter told me that this restraint was not a matter of one misbehaving resident, but a major incident involving the whole facility.

How did I know that something was going on that day at the Juvenile Detention Center?  I can probably explain it better today, than I could at the time.  It is this sense on which I want to elaborate.  We have ways of knowing with which we must grow increasingly familiar.

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My friend Alan Smith ( ) says that our ways of knowing are like contact lenses (or did I say that…? I forget) We look through them all the time but we seldom look at them.  Yet it is these very lenses that either allow or disallow input into our awareness.  Not only that but, different ways of knowing allow different types of input.

The way I know quantum physics is not the same way I know I am in love.  The way I know about unseen danger, is different than the way I know how to make cheesecake.  And the way I know God is different than the way I know good and evil.

If we try to know God in the same way we know good and evil, we are set up for multiple traps.


Knowing God takes place in our Spirit and flows into our soul and body

Knowing good and evil takes place in our soul and cannot access our spirit

Knowing God comes at His initiative and our receptivity and accesses His strength.

Knowing good and evil comes at our initiative and depends on the strength of our will.

Knowing God keeps us rightly aligned with reality and others

Knowing good and evil puts us on a comparison basis where we struggle with either pride or shame

Knowing God is like plugging into a power source outside of us

Knowing good and evil makes us the power source

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We can study or even teach the same passage of scripture, even use the same outline, perhaps even use the same word choices, and have completely different impacts because of the above distinctions.  God can produce effects that we cannot.

Have you ever had someone who was angry at you, utilize words that portray that they are not angry?  Yet their posture, their gritted teeth, the tension of their jaw, and countless other signs tell you that their words and the energy in their soul simply do not match.

This is what happens when we try to use God’s words, but operate from the knowledge of good and evil.

Repentance is the act of shifting from knowing good and evil, to knowing God.  Change your lenses. You can look again at what you have seen all of your life, and it appears brand new.  Change your lenses.

Or as Jesus would say…if you will have eyes that see…I am pretty sure He was encouraging us to Think Differently.

It’s a good thing that Cherubim was there with that sword.

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  • Amy

    Open my eyes, Lord. Help me to see…Help me to see You, and to see your creation, your people… through your eyes. I want to KNOW You, to know your heart beat, to hear your whispers, to sense your touch…I want so much more of you. Change my lenses Lord!

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